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One Time At Band Camp...

29 November 1987
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What can i say... i like to read a lot (all the time) I Love music (obsessed with Green Day) I'm in a band (MotorDeath (yay heavymetal!)) I drum all the time (look at ma muscels!) Just started playing the Bass (Fuck, broke antother string). I'm pretty Fuckin cool (contrary to what you may hear from the people who really know me)
Meh thats me (i'm availible)

Proud to be a Furry
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Furry is Life

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Date Created:2004-04-17
Number of Posts: 62

yoshi is a seventeen year old fox. often seen carrying drumsticks in his pockets. wardrobe consist of novelty t shirts like "i'm with stupid*arrow pointing up* the rat flail t-shirt, etc. and wears slightly baggy pants with a pair of black converses.
Strengths: funny, easy friend maker, loves reading and writing
Weaknesses: not very smart, thinks too much, says random things
Special Skills: Bagging, tae-kwon-do, ti-chi, no-jitsu, and armed with comedy.
Weapons: paws, feet, gun, staff, teeth, sword.
Pet Peeves: hate it when someone tells him the same thing over and over. cant stand stupid people and haricuts.

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